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One of my favorite characteristics about QA experts and testers is our everlasting dedication to speaking up when something isn’t right. This is a blessing when stakeholders agree with the concern you raised, and it’s resolved or planned for resolution in a release. And it’s a curse when stakeholders do not agree with your concern, and you walk away feeling like quality justice was not served.

In most cases, testers are the first users of features and end to end experiences in your software. Even when other testing is executed by users or designers, that testing is typically more focused…

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We are all acutely aware of the fact that managing remote teams has been brought to the forefront of our lives this year, however, this was not new to all companies and teams. I have gratefully worked for a fully remote company for the past three years, and have had the great fortune to benefit from our existing operations and tools.

I’ve had the great opportunity to build a software QA team that I could not be more proud of. We have been working well together for multiple years. Our team is highly functioning and exceeding our goals regularly, however…

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Software companies have a variety of testing and quality needs. One can care deeply about the quality of their products, but have a low tolerance for process or a low ability to implement a quality department or team.

I have been in software quality my entire career, and more than half of that time has been in a leadership role in quality. I have taken on roles that fall all along that continuum of tolerance. At times, I have stepped into a well-established team and picked up where the last person left off. More times than not, however, I have…

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gift - noun


  • something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation
  • something bestowed or acquired without any particular effort by the recipient

I frequently find myself surprised by happenings in the world of software development. New technologies find their way out of the limelight and become old technologies. Old technologies somehow become the latest and greatest thing again. We find a new way to implement our processes in order to make them more useful. We learn better ways to manage teams, or be part of a team.

My most recent surprise came in the form of what…

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One of the most important questions about a software quality program is always how are we going to measure quality?

This is a valid question that deserves attention — and a small adjustment in order to capture the full spirit of what it means to have a highly-effective quality program. The adjustment is to the question itself. Instead of asking about measurements, we should be asking how is our quality program helping us to build and deliver better products?

This distinction is needed because measurements come after undesirable outcomes have already happened. Bugs have occurred, requirements have not been met…

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A software testing team that is consistently successful in the area of quality is made up of countless tangible and intangible things. However, there are three elements that are the cornerstones of a top-notch testing team who maintains excellent quality and test coverage.

These three elements compel the Quality Triad. With the Quality Triad in place, there will be a highly effective team who can ensure comprehensive test coverage, solve issues creatively, and be extremely adaptable.

Julie Griech

Sr. Software Quality Engineering Manager

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